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Trained, Hardworking & Professional


Welcome to Petrack Plumbing, LLC, a Western Pennsylvania Licensed and Insured Plumbing Business. Petrack Plumbing is a privately owned family business focused on delivering impeccable plumbing work.

With over ten years of plumbing experience, James Petrack is the proprietor and Master Plumber of Petrack Plumbing. James received his Journeyman and Master Plumbing License through the Allegheny County Health Department.  James also obtained his PEX, CSST and Back Flow certifications. 

James has prior experience as a superintendent managing construction operations, subcontractors, suppliers and employees while adhearing to OSHA standards and ensuring quality control.  

Our Mission

To provide our customers with a reliable product through the means of high quality materials and craftsmanship; while staying true to our slogan: Tough on Pipes, Not on Price!

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